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Spoon 3 + 1 Fork

In many aspects a band that crosses over many styles. The classic trio combination, piano, bass, voice ,  forms a basis for transparency, and beauty,  and with the addition of electronics adds a mix of confrontation and adventure, to subvert this well-known constellation.
We have created  real song forms,  using texts,  absurd, comic, and with a careful dose of pathos, the cliched anguish of emotions, juxtaposed with a sharp edge, and a tongue- in -cheek,  and then mixed with the sensibilitIes of an improvisation. Raw emotional texts, beautiful, poetic, histrionic, and angry, crossing over into vocalise that steers far away from jazz scat singing, but looks for the grooves that underlie it all.

The four  musicians are all well-known in the European jazz, improvised, and electronic world and have played in many of the major european festivals.

Press quotes:
"It’s impeccable music, in which textual experiments play a key role and the skillful comedy dowries of Gilbert are close to contemporary artists like Ute Wasserman and Maja Ratkje. A great cd!" Alfredo Rastelli, Sands-zine

"Spoon 3, offers a very successful collection of music that brims with creativity". Joachim Ceulemans, www.kwadratuur.be

"There are singers who can sing beautiful songs and there are singers who can do exciting improvisations. There are few who can do both. From the select few, there is one in Amsterdam: the american Jodi Gilbert". Herman te Loo, jazzflits

contact: Jodi Gilbert

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